Joe Biden will be the new president of America, defeating Trump in the electoral vote race


Joe Biden will be the new president of America

US President Elections Result: After winning the election, Joe Biden thanked the people of America and said, all of you wholeheartedly chose me to lead our great country.

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Washington. Joe Biden will be the new president of America. Counting of votes has been completed in the presidential elections held in America. According to the news agency AP, Democratic Party candidate Joe Biden defeated his rival Donald Trump by 284 electoral votes. According to the report, after the victory in Battlegrand State Pennsylvania, it was decided that Biden will be the new President of America.

Let us tell you that the majority figure for the new presidential race in America is 270. According to Fox News data so far, Democrat candidate Joe Biden received a total of 74,847,834 votes. Which is 50.6 percent of the total votes. On the other hand, Republican candidate Donald Trump has received 70,591,531 votes with 47.7 percent vote share.

Biden said this thanks to the American people
After winning the election, Joe Biden tweeted and thanked the American public. Biden tweeted, “ Thank you very much to all of you for choosing me to lead our great country. We have tough challenges in the future, but I promise you that I will be the President of all American people. Earlier Biden had said in his address to the nation that we are starting work on our plan to control the epidemic.

Trump claimed victoryMeanwhile, Donald Trump tweeted and said, “I won this election.” Donald Trump has informed by tweeting that there will be a big press conference in Philadelphia.

Trump had threatened to go to court
Earlier, Trump had told a press conference at the White House that he would go to court against electoral misconduct. He alleged massive rigging in the election but could not produce any evidence to support his allegations.

Trump’s campaign team has already filed lawsuits in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Nevada. He has also demanded re-counting of votes in Wisconsin. Biden’s campaign team denied the allegations.


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