Indian-American Mala Adiga Appointed Jill Biden Policy Director America Joe Biden


Washington : The US recently held presidential elections. The dominance of Indians in American politics has been steadily increasing over the last few years. Now US President-elect Joe Biden has appointed Indian-American Mala Adiga as his wife Jill Biden’s policy director.

Jill, who became America’s first woman, focuses primarily on education. Therefore, in the context of education-related policy, veteran Mala Adiga has been selected for the post. Adiga was a senior policy adviser to Biden’s 2020 campaign, while Jill was a senior adviser. Mala Adiga has previously served as director of higher education and military families at the Biden Foundation.

Joe Biden’s new team includes more than 20 members of Indian descent

Mala was previously the Assistant Secretary of State for Educational Programs in the Bureau of Education and Culture in the Obama administration. She has served as Senior Advisor to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Special Envoy to the Office of Global Women’s Affairs.

Dr. of Indian descent. Vivek Murthy co-chairs Joe Biden’s Corona Virus Task Force

Kamala Harris also dominated the recent US elections. Kamala Harris has recently won the US Vice Presidential election. Newly elected US Vice President Kamala Harris is also of Indian descent.

Louisa Terrell will get a seat in the White House

Louis Terrell, executive director of the Biden Foundation, will be appointed director of the White House of Legislative Affairs. Carlos Elizondo, Jill Biden’s social secretary in the Obama administration, will be the White House’s social secretary. Ambassador Kathy Russell will be the President’s Director of Affairs in the White House.


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