India Coronavirus News 93 percent patients recover From Covid 19


New Delhi More than 45 thousand new cases of coronavirus in India have been reported within a day. With this, the total number of cases of infection has increased to about 91 lakhs. At the same time, the number of people recovering from the epidemic has also increased to 85 lakhs. The rate of healthy people has now reached 93.6 percent.

According to the figures made by the Union Health Ministry at eight in the morning, there have been a total of 90 lakh 95 thousand 807 cases of corona virus infection in the country. Within 24 hours, 501 people died due to infection, due to which the number of deaths increased to 1 lakh 33 thousand 227. The death rate of corona virus infection has come down to 1.46 percent.

According to the data, 4 lakh 40 thousand 962 people infected with Corona virus are being treated in the country, which is 4.92 percent of the total cases of infection. According to Indian Council of Medical Research, as of 21 November, 13 crore 17 lakh 33 thousand 134 samples have been tested for corona, out of which 10 lakh 75 thousand 326 samples were tested on Saturday.

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