Hasan Mushrif: Hasan mushrif: Chandrakant Patil is blabbering on like an open !; Criticism of Pawar provokes ‘this’ minister – hasan mushrif targets chandrakant patil


Kolhapur: BJP state president Chandrakant Patil is behaving as if his mental balance has been disturbed due to the loss of power in Maharashtra. As the head is being affected, they are blabbering on like crazy, ‘said Rural Development Minister Hasan Mushrif. (NCP Minister Hasan Mushrif Targets BJP state president Chandrakant Patil)

… Until then, ‘Operation Lotus’ is impossible in the state, explained the Minister

BJP state president Chandrakant Patil has criticized NCP president Sharad Pawar. Hasan Mushrif took the criticism seriously at a campaign rally for graduates and teachers in Ajra. ‘Sharad Pawar created a new Maharashtra under the leadership of Bahujans. He won ten to twelve Lok Sabha and ten to twelve Assembly elections. His contribution as the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, including the posts of Agriculture Minister and Defense Minister, is certainly great. He also served as Leader of the Opposition in the State and at the Center. Also, they have not been defeated once ‘, said Mushrif, referring to the greatness of Pawar’s leadership. ‘Chandrakant Patil got a big opportunity not once but twice. How lucky are they? However, all this has not been of any use to the state, let alone Kolhapur district, ‘said Mushrif.

‘… so Chandrakant Patil contested from Pune’

‘They’ were not our candidates

Prior to the rally, Minister Mushrif and other dignitaries were having tea in the Janata Bank hall. At that time, a farmer came there with a receipt in his hand and asked Mushrif, ‘Did your candidate come with money in the name of Hindustan Sugar? At that time, even Mushrif did not understand anything for a moment. As soon as the subject comes to light, our candidates are Arun Lad and Jayant Asgavkar. “They were not our candidates who took the money,” Mushrif told the farmers. Meanwhile, the issue of who is the candidate carrying the money has sparked a heated debate in Kolhapur’s political circles.

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