Former President Hamid Ansari’s taunt on Narendra Modi government, told nationalism epidemic | Former President Hamid Ansari on Modi government, told nationalism a bigger disease than Corona


new Delhi: Former Vice President of the country Hamid Ansari (Hamid Ansari) Has described nationalism as a disease worse than Corona. Speaking at an event, Hamid Ansari said that before the arrival of Corona, the country had fallen victim to epidemics like ‘religious bigotry’ and ‘aggressive nationalism’.

‘Religious fanaticism’ and ‘aggressive nationalism’ a major disease – Hamid Ansari
He was addressing the digital release ceremony of senior Congress leader Shashi Tharoor’s new book ‘The Battle of Belonging’ on Friday. Hamid Ansari, who was the Vice President of the country for 10 years in the UPA government, said that before the Corona virus crisis, Indian society had become the victim of two other epidemics – ‘religious bigotry’ and ‘aggressive nationalism’. He said that ‘patriotism’ is a more positive concept than these two because it is militarily and culturally defensible.

Hamid Ansari lashed out at Modi government
The former Vice President said that today the country is in danger from such ‘manifest and latent’ views and ideologies which try to divide it on the basis of the imaginary category of ‘us and them’. Taking a dig at the Narendra Modi government, Hamid Ansari said that in a short span of four years, India has come a new political vision from ‘liberal nationalism’ to ‘cultural nationalism’. Which has been firmly in the mind of the people.

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Will not accept the current government- Farooq Abdullah
Farooq Abdullah, the former Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir, while joining the book release event, said, “In 1947 we had the chance that we would go with Pakistan, but my father and others thought that the principle of two nations was our Is not good for So we did not leave this country. Farooq Abdullah said that he is never going to accept the way the current government wants to see the country.



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