farmers protest: farmers protest: farmers not stopping, breaking barricading from tractor – farmers delhi chalo march protest in several states including punjab and haryana


There is a tense atmosphere between the protesters and the police administration on the second day of the farmers’ protest. The farmers are adamant on going to Delhi for the Delhi Chalo March. At the same time, the administration is trying every means to stop them. Intensive checking of vehicles is being done at the Singhu border. The Delhi-Ghaziabad border is also being closely monitored. A large number of security personnel have been deployed at the borders. Meanwhile, news of clash between farmers and police has also surfaced on the Tikari border. At the same time, protesting farmers on the Dabwali border have captured police vehicles. He has also captured the Vajra Vehicle and the Water Cannon.

Farmers are not stopping

Police had parked the truck near the Delhi-Bahadurgarh highway to stop the farmers. The protesting farmers are trying to remove the truck with the help of tractors. During this period, a large number of farmers can be seen.

Truck removed from such tractor

Skirmish on the ticking border

The atmosphere on the Tikari border of Delhi has become tense. Police have released tear gas shells to disperse the farmers. There is also news of stone pelting from the farmers. The farmers are insistent on going to Delhi.

Police-farmers clash

Farmers traveled to Delhi

A batch of protesting farmers have moved from Punjab to Bahadurgarh. The farmers are trying to go to Delhi, where they will participate in the Delhi Chalo Protest March. The farmers have refused to accept any restrictions of the administration.

Police left tear gas shells

Checking at Delhi-Gurugram border

In view of the farmers’ march, the police are carrying out intensive checking of vehicles on the Delhi-Gurugram border. This has caused a long jam. Long queues of vehicles can be seen here. It was told that a large amount of CISF personnel have also been deployed along the Delhi border.

Farmers in Rohtak

A large number of farmers have gathered in Rohtak, Haryana. On the Rohtak-Jhajjar border (Haryana-Delhi border), batches of farmers can be seen trying to go to Delhi under the Delhi Chalo Protest. Farmers are opposing the Centre’s agricultural bills.

Rally on the rally under the pretext of Kovid

In view of the farmers ‘Delhi Chalo’ movement, the Haryana administration is also ready. The administration has banned any kind of rally citing Kovid. In view of this, a large number of policemen have been deployed on the Singhu border (Haryana-Delhi border) to stop the farmers.

Security personnel deployed at singhu border

A large number of policemen and security forces can be seen on the Singhu border. The area is being monitored by drone here. Also, intensive checking of vehicles passing through this place is being done. On Thursday, the DCP had said that the farmers are not coming from here, but the system has been fixed by the administration.

Farmers adamant on stubbornness

A large number of security forces have been set up to stop the farmers. The farmers are also insistent on going to Delhi. In such a situation, there may be tension on the Delhi border on Friday.

Farmers gathered on Panipat highway

Heavy presence of farmers can also be seen on Panipat highway in Haryana. All the farmers are trying to go to Delhi to participate in the Delhi Chalo March. If the administration did not let them go, they camped here on Thursday night. The farmers stayed overnight at the toll barrier on the Panipat highway.

Farmers left the whole system

The farmers had an idea of ​​the current situation, so they had already made the whole arrangement. Robindeep Singh, a farmer, said, ‘We are carrying enough food for a month. We also have a stove and kitchen items. We have also brought blankets to face the winter.


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