Family News: Prepare children for Covid-19 test in these ways – how to prepare kids for covid test in hindi


Testing of Kovid-19 is not physical but mentally disturbing. On the other hand, if it is about children, then fear becomes more frequent. Although the children have rarely come under the grip of corona virus, but still they will have to go through the test when exposed to the virus.

Children are scared when they see people in PPE kit, if they go through the test process from above, it can frighten the children even more. In such a situation, it is very important to properly handle the children and tell them about this test so that their soft mind can be saved from fear.

Here we are telling you some tips with the help of which you can easily prepare your child for the Kovid-19 test.

Share information
A lot goes on in the minds of children and many questions come to their mind about even a small thing. If the child is talking about the corona in his mind, then he can have negative thoughts in his mind. In this case, get the child exposed to the surrounding situation. Explain to them that they will be safe by getting the test done. Instead of telling them a story, prepare them for the truth and not tell any horror.

Explain the tools
The person testing the Kovid will have a full cover and the child can be scared only by looking at the tools near them. Before getting the test done, tell the child about the use and benefits of the tools. The child may cry after having this test done. Stand in front of the child during the test so that he is not afraid.

Focus on children
Children who are afraid of pins and needles will be scared to see the Kovid test kit. At the same time, even his weak mind can be scared by seeing the test line. Try to take care of the child at this time. Talk to him and tell some good stories so that fear is removed from his mind and mind and he feels a bit lighter.

Be sure to boost after test
Due to Corona virus, the courage of the elders is breaking down, so imagine what will happen to the children. Corona has also increased mental burden on children. Emotionally strengthen the children for the test and also encourage them after the test. If you make the test process easier then it will reduce the stress on the child.

Sit comfortably
Do not force children with any kind, as this may increase their fear. If the child is afraid, then make him sit comfortably and explain to him about this process. Explain to the child that it is good for him to undergo treatment after the test.
Keeping these simple tips in mind, you can prepare your children for the corona test. Keep in mind that this time any fear or wrong thing can sit in his mind for a long time, so do not be careless.


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