Dos and don’ts to prevent corona: Coronavirus Infection: Just take a look at these words, they will protect you from infection in the second wave of corona – dos and don’ts during home quarantine due to corona virus


Many states of the country are under lockdown once again. So preparations are on to put a lockdown somewhere. This situation is not only in India but in view of the second wave of corona infection, many countries of the world are resorting to lockdown again. So that this virus can be limited in minimum time. Here we are telling you about the guidelines issued by the Ministry of Health, Government of India…

Home quarantine can occur in two situations
According to the government-issued guidelines, people infected with corona can be home quarantined in two situations. The first situation is that a person has not got corona test positive but is showing signs of corona.

– The second situation is that the person whose corona test has come positive ie he has become a corona patient can also be home quarantined under the supervision of the treating hospital. Men who want to be fathers should do these 3 tasks every day, happiness will soon come home

Keep these things in mind during the home quarantine

Meaning of virus contact
– There are three ways in which a person can get into contact with the corona virus. The first of these is to come in contact with an infected person. In this, if you talk to the infected person face-to-face without a mask and proper distance. So the corona enters your body through air and breath. These 5 diseases are bothering men the most, Dr. Sinha said the solution

– Another situation is to get into the environment contaminated by corona virus. For example, if there is a corona infected person in a room or in some place, then the corona virus can be present in the air for a distance of 3 to 13 feet, which can enter the body of a healthy person by means of air. Can.

– The third situation is to touch or use something that has been used by the corona infected person and is not sanitized. In this case, the virus can enter your mouth and nose through hands. Cauliflower melts fat fast, use it regularly for 5 reasons in winter


Keep these things in mind during quarantine at home

Remove this confusion
– It is generally assumed that after a 14-day quarantine period, the person is completely free from corona. While you should take full 21 to 28 days of caution. That is, even after the quarantine is completed, keep a proper distance from the family and take full care of the sanitization of the house. Corona and Traveling Tips: Follow these measures during the journey to avoid this virus

-This is being said because in different research, corona infection can remain in a person’s body for 0 to 28 days. However, after treatment the load of this virus decreases and its infectivity also decreases. But the threat does not end completely. Therefore, you should take special care for 14 days of home quarantine and for the next 14 days after others. Corona will attack you quickly, if your body is lacking this vitamin

Things to keep in mind during home quarantine
– The infected person should live in one room of the house. For that, food, water and all the necessary things should be arranged there. In this situation, family members should also maintain proper distance.


Ways to avoid corona infection

-All members of the house use appropriate distances and masks. Sanitize everything in the house every day.

– Wash or sanitize hands with soap after touching any thing that may be possible. Do not touch your mouth and face frequently.

-Only one person should take care of the corona infected person in the house and during that time he should take full care. Completely follow what the doctors have said. Corona virus can be killed in just 30 seconds if infected immediately

-Do not use items used by Corona infected person or other household members. It would be better to have the patient’s towel, his clothes, utensils and bathroom all different. If it is not possible to separate the bathroom, after using it by the patient, sanitize the bathroom with full caution. Only after this, another family member should use this bathroom. Take these precautions even after 14 days of quarantine, corona infection will not spread in the family

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