Diego Maradona: Football ‘angel’: Diego Maradona – tribute to football legend diego maradona


With the death of Diego Armando Maradona, the world lost a great footballer, a great guide; But he also lost a football fanatic around the world. Maradona came to India three years ago. Fans from all over the country had come to see him in Kolkata. The distance from India to Argentina is 16,000 kilometers; But their popularity never narrowed the gap. This became the only example in India. He had a large fan base from Italy to Brazil. Many locals named their children ‘Maradona’ because of the magic they showed while playing for the Napoli club in Italy. Maradona has driven both those who know and those who don’t know football crazy with his footsteps. Maradona was born in the Lanूसs area of ​​Buenos Aires. From the age of three, football was literally rolling in their feet! Playing football is part of Argentine culture. The children here grow up playing football on their shoulders. This culture was also prevalent in Maradona’s home. Surprisingly, Maradona would not have been obsessed with football from a young age. At the age of nine, he learned to ‘play’ football. When the little Chani Maradona came on the field, the ball also fell in love with him. He was known as ‘The Little Onion’ in the village team. No one could stop him from getting a place in the national team on the strength of the nuances of football and the tremendous game he learned at an early age. He joined the Argentina junior team at the age of 14. At the age of 16, he made his international debut and represented Argentina in the next four World Cups.

His style of football was not molded. It had a built-in Latin American aesthetic. It was always difficult for the opponent to stop them. It was a blessing from God to have the ability to deceive the opponent, to pass accurately, to have fine footwork, to control the ball, to deceive the opponents and to create opportunities to score. He had mastered all the weapons in the book style of football. That’s why he gave a new lease of life to a team like Napoli. It was on the strength of this quality that they helped Argentina win the 1986 World Cup. The ‘Hand of God’ in this competition later became a legend. In that match against England, the ball hit the hand and went to the goal post. Maradona himself admitted this about 15 years ago; But the second goal he scored in the same match was hailed as the best of the last century, which was Maradona’s true greatness. Statistics show that 34 goals in 91 international matches, a world record ५० 5 million contract signed by Barcelona, ​​a ७० 7 million contract signed by Napoli and more than 250 goals scored in a 21-year career will go down in history.

The great Brazilian footballer Pel आणि and Maradona were always compared. Although there was a gap of 20 years between the two, football fans always kept comparing the two. Of course, this gap between the two was never bridged by football. They were good friends. Reacting after Maradona left, Pel said, “One day we will play football together in the sky.” Like Pel, his charm fell on countless football fans from poor homes. Like in India, every parent wanted their son to play Sachin Tendulkar; Also in Argentina, every parent wanted their child to be a football player, Maradona. Of course, drug and alcohol addiction remained a dark side of his life. This often hit them hard. This often led to him being hospitalized. He even cheated death a few times; But for ages he died. Of course, the fans loved him dearly. He will always be counted among the greatest players of all time in football. There is no doubt that his greatness will continue to dominate the minds of fans for years to come


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