Destroying Masood Azhar and Jaish-e-Mohammad is a necessary task for India. – News in Hindi


On November 19, four militants were killed by security personnel of India in Nagrota near Jammu. They wanted to create trouble in the elections of the District Development Council running in all four J&K. It is learned that all four attackers belonged to Pakistan’s terrorist organization Jaishe Muhammad. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself informed about this and Foreign Ministry officials called a big officer of the Pakistan High Commission stationed in Delhi and lodged a protest and warned him in strict language.

Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla himself has taken command and is informing the ambassadors of the rest of the world about this act of Pakistan. All the weapons, medicines and food items recovered from the terrorists belong to Pakistan. An attempt is being made to tell the world that the incident of November 19 is not a single incident. Pakistan’s terrorist organizations, especially Jaishe Muhammad, have committed around two hundred incidents in Jammu and Kashmir this year. Jaish Muhammad’s mastermind is Masood Azhar, who has pledged to destroy India. It has links with the Taliban and al-Qaeda and its organization is a dangerous terrorist organization declared by the United Nations.

However, Pakistan did not want to be declared a terrorist because Masood Azhar is a very important member of the terrorist branch of Pakistan’s foreign country. When the nation’s civilized countries wanted to declare Masood Azhar a global terrorist and a proposal was brought in the UN Security Council, the United States, France and Britain were advocating it, but China vetoed the proposal after Pakistan’s request And Masood Azhar once again escaped. Masood Azhar’s organization Jaishe-Muhammad is already in the list of banned organizations.

Some tourists were kidnapped but failed

Masood Azhar is a very dangerous terrorist. It is Masood Azhar who conspired in the terrorist attack on the Parliament of India. The Uri, Pulwama and Pathankot attacks were also carried out by him. Masood Azhar came to Kashmir in 1994 where he was arrested. In order to get him released, a terrorist gang named Al Furan kidnapped some tourists but failed.

Later, terrorists led by his brother hijacked an aircraft of Indian state-run Indian Airlines from Nepal to Delhi and landed in Kandahar and forced the Atal Bihari Vajpayee government to release him. Foreign minister Jaswant Singh Masood Azhar of that era went to Kandahar with some more terrorists and brought back the aircraft and passengers. And thus Masood Azhar succeeded in getting out of jail.

Masood Azhar has had dreams of destroying India ever since he was released from India’s prison. As far as destroying India is concerned, that dream will never be fulfilled, but in this campaign, Pakistan has reached the brink of destruction. Today Pakistan is suffering from its own born terrorism. Have put on the way. Today a strong movement is going on against Pakistan in Balochistan. In Sindh too, there is great resentment with the Punjabi-dominated central government and the army. In these circumstances, the biggest responsibility to save Pakistan as a nation is the supporting groups of civil society and democracy. However, these days, the advocates of democracy in Pakistan have become very weak. Prime Minister Imran Khan is completely under the control of the army, but even the people active in his opposition used to keep slavery whenever they were in power.

There was a point in the history of Pakistan that …
Nawaz Sharif’s party is being led by his daughter Maryam and the reins of the Bhutto family’s party are in the hands of Bilawal, son of Benazir Bhutto. Today the image of Pakistan has become a failed nation in the rest of the world. Democracy in Pakistan is well over but as a country it is very important to survive but irresponsible Pakistani rulers have left very little scope for it.

It is not difficult to understand how terrorists became so dominant in Pakistan fighting for their survival. The constitution could not be prepared there for many years after the independence of Pakistan. The founder of Pakistan, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, died very soon and left Saharanpur and the new country Prime Minister Liaquat Ali was killed. After that the power of religious and military people started increasing there. Finally, when the constitution was made later, the army had controlled the political power of the country. Along with that, the influence of religious groups was growing very fast. A point in the history of Pakistan also came that the head of the government had to declare the new country an Islamic state.

So far, four military dictators have ruled in Pakistan, but the biggest loss of Pakistani society and state was done by General Zia-ul-Haq. He established military and religious extremist alliances in Pakistan, which has suffered the brunt of Pakistani society and politics till date. Hafiz Saeed, the biggest terrorist operating in Pakistan, is born only to General Zia. Hafiz Saeed was a master of Diniyat (religious education) at the University of Cairo, Egypt.

Control the funding or else you will be blacklisted….
By bringing him from there, Jia appointed his religious advisor. He got all the juggling between the religious groups and the army, and today it is common to have a terrorist attack anywhere in the world, the needle of doubt goes to Pakistan first. Today Pakistan is a panic-stricken and failed country and in the coming time, the question of its existence will arise again and again. Nowadays Hafiz Saeed is in a Pakistani jail. This has been done because FATF is under pressure to control terrorist funding or else they will be blacklisted.

To avoid this strictness, Hafiz Saeed has been put in jail. But he is getting all the comforts of luxury in jail too. Masood Azhar is out and has put all his and the ISI’s strength to spread terror in India’s Jammu and Kashmir. Kashmir India would not have released Masood Azhar.


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