Dayananda garani: Good news .. Farmer’s son made a direct entry into the Indian cricket team, Australia will play with the team – manning “kolkata traffic” farmer’s son dayanand garani is now india’s throwdown expert


Dubai: You can now see hands working hard in the field bowling for the Indian team. Because now the daughter of a farmer from a small village is going to tour Australia with the Indian team. He will be bowling well for all the batsmen, including Virat Kohli, on this tour.

“When he told this story to his farming father, he got emotional. Not a word came out of his mouth out of joy. Today, my dream and my family’s dream has come true,” said Dayanand Garani.

The Indian team will tour Australia. But on the tour, the Indian team had a question. Raghu, who practices bowling for the Indian team, has been coronated. So the big question was who would replace him with the Indian team in Australia. But at the start of the IPL, Dayanand Girani was seen training with the batsmen in the Kings XI Punjab squad and has now been selected as the Indian team support staff for the tour of Australia.

Dayanand further said, “I never thought of this. It is a pleasant shock for me. I never dreamed of going on a tour with the Indian team. But now it seems to be happening. So of course I am happy.” “

Dayanand lives in the village of Jamthia in the Mindapur district of Kolkata. His father farms in this village. Dayanand used to play gymnastics as a child. He then developed an interest in cricket. Dayanand is currently working as a volunteer in the Traffic Police Department in Kolkata. He also does throw-down work in cricket. When batsmen want to play fast balls in a row, they need a throw-down person. The batsman tells you the speed at which you want the ball and the throw-down person practices it.


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