COVID-19 Vaccine Reaches Wall Street, Dow Jones at Record Level


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Wall Street: On Monday, the US stock market saw a record boom. After the important information given by Pfizer about the Kovid-19 vaccine, many other indices, including Dow Jones, saw record rise.

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New Delhi After the information given by Pfizer about the Kovid-19 vaccine, there was a record rise in Wall Street on Monday. Pfizer informed on Monday that the vaccine prepared by the company is 90 percent effective in preventing corona virus. After this, Dow Jones is registering a gain of 5 percent. It is trading around 29,633.

Only after this news did the S&P 500 and the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index reach an all-time high. The S&P 500 73 opened with a gain of 2.10 per cent at 3,583. Whereas, Nasdaq Composite also opened at 12,046 level with an increase of 151 i.e. 1.27 percent.

The fastest in these stocks
Suddenly this huge boom in the US market also benefited companies which are going through a bad phase due to the Kovid-19. These include small caps, travel stocks. Apart from this, stocks of banking and oil companies are also seeing a boom on Monday.Also read: Gold became cheaper by Rs 1000 after news of Pfizer vaccine, 2% drop in minutes

Actually, some sectors have suffered a major setback from the lockdown caused by the corona virus. But, in Monday’s fast, investors preferred to play bets on the shares of these companies. They believe that after months, these sectors can prove to be game changers for them and the market.

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What information has Pfizer given about the vaccine
It is significant that Coronavirus Vaccine Pfizer said on Monday that the Corona vaccine is 90 percent effective in Phase 3 trials. The company said that keeping an initial eye on the vaccine data shows that the vaccine can be 90 percent effective in preventing COVID-19. The company said that it indicated that the company was on track to file an application with the US regulators for emergency use of the vaccine later this month.


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