coronavirus india tv anchor rajat sharma trolled after he suggested people to wear mask and maintain social distancing covid 19 twitter – India TV’s Rajat Sharma’s appeal on Coronavirus – all will be saved only when they apply masks; Badly trolled


The corona virus outbreak has not yet ended from the country. Meanwhile, Rajat Sharma of India TV has appealed to people to come out on Twitter and avoid Kovid. Rajat Sharma wrote on Twitter that ‘the vaccine is far away. I get out wearing masks only. The mask prevents corona. Droplets from the mouth are not able to go more than two and a half inches away from wearing masks. Everyone will be able to save only after applying mask. Put on masks properly, nose and mouth are covered, this is necessary.

But it seems Rajat Sharma’s appeal on Twitter is not liked by people. After Rajat Sharma’s appeal, many people started trolling him on Twitter. A user named AK Rajiv Dixit wrote that ‘breathing in the open is being termed as a crime … In today’s known history, there will not be a big example of this. Black Britishers are ruining the country in the name of fake disease. Wherever who is there, there is corona where there is no corona. Another user wrote that ‘along with the mask, wake up a little faith, Sharma ji, otherwise who will take the mouth of God.’

A user named Pradeep Malaviya wrote that ‘Sir, you are a media person, you can do a lot for the country, so wearing a mask in Corona is not a cure, you know this too because you have also read that wearing a corona mask Can not be right because the shape of the corona is very small with the shape of the mask, it has been proved scientifically. ‘

However, let us tell you that the rate of corona infection in India is increasing rapidly once again. More than 1 lakh 33 thousand patients have died in the country under the grip of Kovid-19. However, now the total number of active cases of corona here is 4,40,962. At the same time, as the graph of the corona patients in the national capital increases, the death toll is not taking the name of the pause.

Night curfew has been imposed in districts of several states including Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan to overcome the corona infection. At the same time, the penalty for not wearing masks has been increased in Delhi and Gujarat.

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