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HighlightsThe weekly market in Lanza is cold In a market that has been full for months, there are fewer traders than customers

Lanza: After eight to nine months, the weekly market in Lanza taluka, which was held on Tuesday, was not as crowded as expected due to the cold response from consumers and traders from outside the district.

The entire country was shut down in March after the Corona epidemic hit the country hard. The administration and traders had also closed the weekly market in Lanza taluka on Tuesday for the safety of the people.

This week’s market attracts a large crowd of customers from rural areas of the taluka. Traders from western Maharashtra come to the market in large numbers to sell their wares. The administration and the business community feared that this could lead to a proliferation of corona. Therefore, it is in the public interest to close the market as a precaution.

The people of the taluka were keeping an eye on when the weekly market would start. However, as the administration announced on Monday that the weekly market would start on Tuesday, traders in western Maharashtra and consumers in the taluka could not be reached for comment.

Decreased response due to announcement a day earlier

The week-long market has resumed on Tuesday after a nine-month period as the administration on Monday allowed the weekly market to be held on Tuesday after realizing that there was no problem in starting the weekly market in view of the current Diwali festival and declining corona patients. However, since the announcement was made a day earlier, the response has been low as the information has not reached the traders and consumers.

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