central government sends High level Teams to Himachal Uttar Pradesh and Punjab oever COVID 19 Crisis Deepens


new Delhi: Increased cases of coronavirus have raised concerns. The central government has come up to deal with this crisis. Under this, the Central Government is sending special teams to deal with Corona in Punjab, Chhattisgarh, Uttar Pradesh (Himachal Pradesh) and Himachal Pradesh. These teams, being sent by the central government, will work with the state governments to deal with the corona virus epidemic (COVID-19 Pandemic). Earlier, the teams were sent to Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Manipur.

Will tour the districts
The government has said, ‘These three-member teams will visit the districts where the cases of COVID-19 are constantly increasing. Along with this, these teams will work better with the state government on surveillance, testing, infection prevention, control measures and methods of prevention. Along with this, these teams of the Center will also give their suggestions on managerial works to prevent corona virus infection.

Anil Vij needs lockdown
Meanwhile, Haryana Home Minister Anil Vij has said, ‘There are only two ways to stop Corona – Lockdown and Strictness. I have sent a wireless message to all the police commissioners and deputy commissioners, directing them to be strict and instructed to follow the rules of Corona in their area and cut off the challans of the people by placing a blockade.


Corona in India
Let me tell you, in the last 24 hours, 45,209 new Kovid-19 cases have come in India, after which the country has taken 90.95 lakh cases in total, while 85,21,617 people have made recovery. With the death of 501 people in 24 hours, the total figure has increased to 1,33,227. On the 12th consecutive day, the number of active cases has been below five lakhs. The recovery rate has reached 93.69 percent. In the COVID-19 case, the death rate has come down to 1.46 percent.

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Cases like this
Remarkably, India’s COVID-19 Tally crossed the 20-lakh mark on 7 August, 30 lakh on 23 August and 40 lakh on 5 September. This figure was 50 lakh on 16 September, 60 lakh on 28 September, 70 lakh on 11 October. Has crossed 80 lakhs on 29 October and has crossed 90 lakhs on 20 November.


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