CBI will go for polygraph and brain mapping test of Hatras accused | Hathras scandal: CBI arrives in Gujarat with four accused, will conduct this test to know ‘truth’


new Delhi: Central Investigation Agency (CBI) Hathras gang rape and murder (Hathras Case) Will do brain mapping and polygraph test of all the four accused. This test will be done in the CFSL lab located in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, which is why the CBI left for Gujarat yesterday after a court order.

What was the whole case of Hathras scandal?
On September 14, four boys from the village tried to murder after gang-raping a girl from a Dalit family living in the village of Chandpa, police station in Hathras. It was alleged that after raping the girl, the accused dragged her around the neck and took them to the fields, which had broken her backbone. The victim’s girl was found in the fields in critical condition. After which the girl was admitted to the hospital in Aligarh and then from there to Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi in critical condition. But on September 29, the victim died. While taking action on the complaint of the family, the district police arrested the four accused Sandeep, Lavkush, Ravi and Ramu.

Overnight girl’s funeral gave a serious twist to the case
The case took a serious turn when the police performed the last rites at night in the village after the girl’s death. After this, the government and administration were accused of being negligent in this whole case. Later, the UP government had ordered the CBI to conduct an inquiry into the entire case. After which the CBI started its investigation after registering the case on October 11 and the accused along with the family were also questioned in this entire case. The CBI went to the crime scene and took information about the entire incident and also videographed it.

The accused wrote a letter claiming to be innocent
Meanwhile, the main accused in Aligarh jail had written a letter to the jail superintendent about the innocence of himself and the other three accused. The accused wrote in the letter that he had a friendship with the girl, who was opposed by the girl’s family members and for this reason he used to assault her. The girl’s family was also accused of implicating herself and the other three accused.

This is why the test is being done
Now after the approval of the CBI court, the four accused Sandeep, Lavkush, Ravi and Ramu have been taken to Gandhinagar, Gujarat for brain mapping and polygraph test, although there is no recognition in this test court. But through this test, CBI will try to get to the bottom of the truth and it is possible that through this test, the CBI will get such information through which the accused can be punished.


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