Blue collar jobs are back to normal process, 3 lakh jobs in a month | Tremendous improvement in this sector between Covid-19, 3 lakh people got jobs in a month


New Delhi Outbreak of Corona virus epidemic has hit many sectors like businessman, real estate, sports, film industry. Unemployment has increased due to loss of jobs of millions of people during the Corona period. Due to Kovid-19, the condition of the economy was crisp while people got to see bad days on the economic front. Due to the recession during the epidemic, the number of employees in companies has decreased, so no new employment opportunities have been created. However, in the meantime there is good news about an employment. Because after the overall decline in blue collar jobs in the Corona period, there is a rapid improvement now.

2.5 lakh jobs every month in food and grocery segment
This improvement in blue collar jobs (workers doing manual labor) has been seen in the food and grocery industry. According to the start-up placement firm Pahan, a startup company offering services related to jobs, the demand for ‘blue collar jobs in the food and grocery delivery segment’ is 100 percent of the level before the Kovid-19. But she is back. After a tremendous improvement in this field, the delivery segment is now producing two and a half to three lakh jobs every month. Let us know that during the IPL and festive season, three lakh workers have got employment in this area.

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There was a decline in blue collar jobs during Corona
Significantly, Corona was also affected by blue collar jobs. After the lockdown was imposed to prevent the virus, there was a decline in the jobs of blue collar (workers doing manual labor) in the country. However, according to a report, now there is a sharp improvement in these jobs led by the supply (delivery) segment, including food and grocery items.

Demand for jobs increased in these areas
The company said that based on the data submitted from its app (Vahan app), in addition to the delivery segment, there is demand for jobs in manufacturing and BPO sectors. Madhav Krishna, co-founder and CEO of the vehicle, said about this, “The decline in demand for blue collar jobs during the lockdown is now seeing a sharp improvement in the delivery segment led by it.”

What are blue collar jobs
For information, let us know that blue collar jobs usually include employment opportunities in industrial establishments and factories. In such works, even the less educated or illiterate people easily do it.


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