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HighlightsHindustan is a country of saints, agitation was started to prevent injustice on saintsBJP MLA Ram Kadam demands investigation into murder of sadhus in Palghar Government of Maharashtra is in the role of Dhutrashtra

Mumbai: BJP MLA Ram Kadam was scheduled to stage a mass agitation from Khar to Gadchinchale village demanding handing over the probe into the murder of a monk in Palghar to the CBI. BJP leader Narayan Rane and MLA Nitesh Rane went to Khar police station and met Ram Kadam.

Speaking to the media, Ram Kadam said that the Maharashtra government is in the role of Dhutrashtra. No action has been taken in the murder of a sadhu in Palghar even after so many days. Some NCP leaders were present at the time of the murder. Have to be handed over. The land of Maharashtra belongs to the saints, injustice will not be tolerated on the saints here. He warned the government to keep this in mind.

BJP MLA Ram Kadam called for agitation as the sadhus were attacked and killed in Palghar but no action was taken against the accused. Hindustan is the land of saints. Should go Narayan Rane said that the government in Maharashtra does not want to give justice to the sadhus.

BJP leader Ram Kadam in police custody, Rane rushed to the police station

At the same time, he betrayed the BJP and became the Chief Minister. He went against Hindu Dharma and joined hands with the Congress-NCP. The Chief Minister did nothing in one year. Even after 212 days, the investigation of Palghar is not completed. Shiv Sena quits Hindutva for CM post, what can be expected from them? Shiv Sena leaders always say that they do not sit for any exam and do not pass, so there is no need to give a certificate. Shiv Sena is not a pro-Hindu party, Uddhav Thackeray is not of Hindutva ideology, he is a compromiser for the post. Therefore, Narayan Rane has also accused Shiv Sena of not equating Shiv Sena with Hindutva.

Web Title: Uddhav Thackeray is not of Hindutva ideology; BJP leader Narayan Rane target Shiv Sena

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