BJP accuses, Hindu sentiments hurt by web series A SUITABLE BOY, Home Minister directs inquiry


In MP, politics is fast about love jihad. Controversy has started over the web series A Suitable Boy coming on the online platform Netflix. The BJP leader has lodged a complaint in Rewa regarding the kissing scene in this film. It has also said that this has hurt Hindu sentiments. Following the complaint of the BJP leader, the Home Minister has also instructed the officials to watch the content.

This web series showcases the romance between Ishaan Khattar and Tabu. Ishaan plays Man Kapoor and Tabu Saeeda Kapoor in the film. It is shot at Maheshwar Ghat. Rani Ahilyabai Holkar dedicated the Maheshwar Ghat to the devotees. A lot of devotees also come from abroad to see this. The series featured interracial love. BJP leader Gaurav Tiwari alleges that it promotes love jihad.

BJP Yuva Morcha activist Gaurav Tiwari has said that the temple courtyard, aarti and pornographic scenes in the background. Is Netflix you the creative freedom to shoot like this at the time of worship in the mosque? Do not consider the tolerance of Hindus as their weakness, it is an insult not to MP but also to Lord Shiva and crores of Shiva devotees. Will have to apologize.

Gaurav Tiwari said that Rani Ahilyabai Holkar dedicated Maheshwar Ghat to Shiva devotees. Thousands of stone age Shivling are his identity. But Netflix India is using this holy land to promote love jihad and hurt Hindu sentiments. Today I am removing it from my phone.

Home Minister directed to see content
On the complaint of the BJP leader, Home Minister Narottam Mishra has said that a film called A Shootable Boy has been released on an OTT media platform. It depicts extremely objectionable scenes that hurt the feelings of a particular religion. I have directed the police officers to get this controversial content tested.


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