Bihar Election 2020: PM Modi Slams Opposition at Samstipur, says Mahagathbandhan not worried about poor


Attacking the opposition, Prime Minister Modi said, “Today, on one side in the country there is a coalition of NDA fully dedicated to democracy. On the other side, there are family coalitions dedicated to their vested interests.” He said, “What did these family parties working for their families only and give you? Big bungalows were built, who built them? If palaces were built, then who made them? If a convoy was made, who was it. ”

He said that these people have nothing to do with the problems of the poor, their troubles. They remember the poor only and only in elections. When elections come, they start chanting the garland – poor, poor, poor… When the election is over, they just sit with their family clan.

What happened to the double princely states in UP will be repeated in Bihar as well: PM Modi

Asked the public that you should tell me, can Jungle Raj’s legacy, Jungle Raj’s crown prince, give the confidence of proper atmosphere in Bihar? Can the leftists who fuel Naxalism, who have a history of shutting down industries and factories, create an investment environment? The fertilizer factory of Barauni was not closed on its own, it was closed due to their wrong policies, which people talk about today and talk about the lousy.

Nitish Kumar warns – If there is a slight lapse, the old time will come back

PM Modi said that again the NDA government is making our mothers and sisters, whom our government, Nitish government has linked with facilities and opportunities. Those livelihoods, which are becoming the inspiration of self-reliant family and self-reliant Bihar today, are giving strength to the NDA. The toilets built from house to house, school-to-school, which gave dignity to sisters and daughters, freed them from waiting for darkness, they are forming the government of NDA. The sisters who got relief from drinking water struggle are voting in favor of NDA. The vote of those sisters who are entangled in smoke throughout their life is for the NDA, whose cylinder of Ujjwala has reached the house.

Video: Double Engine Sarkar vs ‘Jungle Raj’s Crown Prince’ in Bihar: PM Modi


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