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Patna: The results of the Bihar Assembly elections are slowly becoming clear. At present, the NDA is in the lead. The Bharatiya Janata Party is leading with 77 seats and the Samyukta Janata Dal with 43 seats. Rashtriya Janata Dal candidates are leading in 68 constituencies. Congress is leading in 18 seats. Therefore, the picture is that the grand alliance is lagging behind.

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Almost all the exit polls had predicted that a grand coalition government of Rashtriya Janata Dal and Congress would come to power in Bihar. But now he seems to be wrong. In this election, RJD leader Tejaswi Yadav had used all his strength. They held about 250 meetings. However, compared to Yadav, the Congress did not put much emphasis. That is why political analysts are expressing the view that the grand alliance has not got the expected seats.

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In the last assembly elections, Congress had contested 40 seats. Congress won 27 seats. This year, he has contested 70 seats. However, party candidates are leading in only 19 seats. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi has once again failed. Rahul held 8 meetings in Bihar. The result was expected to be seen in 52 seats in the Assembly. Mahagathbandhan candidates are lagging behind in 42 of these seats. Mahagathbandhan is leading in only 10 seats. Therefore, Rahul Gandhi seems to have faded once again.

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The Congress team, which came from Delhi for the Bihar Assembly elections, toured the state. He held 59 meetings. Rahul held eight such meetings in the second and third phases, four each. In the second phase, Rahul held public rallies in Hisua, Kahalgaon, Kusheshwarsthan and Valmiki Nagar. In the third phase, Rahul addressed rallies in Kodha, Kishanganj, Bihariganj and Araria.

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