Big charge of the person who got Kovidshield vaccine, sent 5 crore notice to serum


The person alleged that he had suffered acute encephalopathy, brain damage or disease after being vaccinated. File photo

Trial of the Corona virus vaccine of Oxford University and AstraZeneca is going on in many parts of the country. The Serum Institute has tied up with Oxford University to produce the corona virus vaccine.

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  • Last Updated:November 29, 2020 7:42 PM IS

Chennai. A 40-year-old man vaccinated with ‘Covishield Vaccine Dose’ during the trial sent legal notice to the Serum Institute and others seeking compensation of Rs five crore, complaining of virtual neurological breakdown and poor thinking ability. is. At the same time it has demanded to stop the vaccine testing.

The person, hailing the test vaccine as unsafe, also demanded cancellation of its testing, manufacturing, and distribution and warned of legal action against it.

A legal notice has been sent to Pune-based Indian Serum Institute (SII), which has tied up with Oxford University and the pharmaceutical company Astrazeneca to manufacture the covidshield vaccine.

In addition to SSI, notices have been sent to the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), the sponsor of the vaccine, and to the higher education and research institute who vaccinated the person. He has suffered damage or disease, and all tests have confirmed that his health has been damaged by vaccine testing.

This person was vaccinated on October 1.


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