Bhai dooj and Chitragupta worship is celebrated In Bihar on this day sisters abuse to their brothers


In Bihar, the worship of Lord Chitragupta, the deity of brother and pen, is being celebrated with pomp, symbolizing the sacred bond and love of brother and sister.

The festival of brotherly and unmatched love and affection, ‘Bhaiyyuduj’ and the worship of Lord Chitragupta, the deity of the pen, is being celebrated with pomp and joy in Bihar. BhaiDuj is also known as ‘Yama Dwitiya’. It is the festival of the sacred relationship of brother and sister. This festival is celebrated with great devotion and selfless love.

Apart from Rakshabandhan, brotherhood is the second festival, which is dedicated to the deep love of brother and sister. This festival holds importance just like Rakshabandhan. On the day of Brotherhood, married sisters invite their brother to their house for food. Brotherly love is unbreakable. Married sister offers tilak to her brother, giving him a gift, wishes him for a long life. In return, the brother also takes a pledge to protect them.

The practice of encroaching cow brotherhood
There is also the practice of encroaching cow shedding on Bhaiyuduj. All the women gather at one place to sing Godan and sing songs. Women make a human idol of cow dung by placing a brick on their chest and break it with pestle. Women everywhere are wishing for the long life of their brothers while completing the ritual of encroaching the Godhan. It is believed that the brothers of the Godhna-clad sisters get older. Bhaiya Dooj is being celebrated with great pomp in Bihar. The sisters worshiped the brothers and wished God their long life.

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Today lets the brothers abuse
On the day of Brotherhood, sisters feed gravel to their brothers in the traditional way. The reason behind feeding gravel is that brother becomes very strong. The sisters curse their brothers a lot, then prick their tongue and apologize to God for their mistake. After feeding the gravel, the brothers bless their sister. There is a belief behind this that by abusing and cursing brothers on the day of Yama Dwitiya, they do not fear Yama (death).

The worship of Lord Chitragupta is also being celebrated with pomp throughout Bihar. The worship of Chitragupta ji is of special importance in Hinduism. Chitragupta is the deity of the Kayasthas. Lord Chitragupta Kalam is considered a deity. Worshiping Chitragupta brings courage, valor, strength and knowledge. Kayasthas worship Lord Chitragupta on the day of worship as well as pen and ledger as both are loved by Lord Chitragupta. Along with this, the details of his income and expenditure and complete information about the children of the family are written and offered to Lord Chitragupta.

The Chitransh family is witnessing tremendous enthusiasm for the worship of Kalam Dawat. People of Kayastha society are worshiping Kalam and Dawat in temples besides their homes with great reverence. Statues of Lord Chitragupta have been installed at many places in the capital Patna. Apart from Girdnibagh Thakurbari, Anisabad, Chitragupta Puja has been organized in many places. In the morning, hundreds of people of Chitransh community worshiped Lord Shri Chitragupta in the temple premises and kept a record of the year-end income expenditure in front of their favorite deity and wished for fruit and peace. Wished


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