Balasaheb Thorat: Corona is rising due to cold and cold, opinion of ‘these’ ministers in Thackeray government – balasaheb thorat talking about corona virus pandemic in maharashtra


M.T. Representative, City: ‘The government has had good success in preventing corona in Maharashtra. However, the growing crowd has become a matter of concern after the lockdown. Due to the crowds and the growing cold during the festive season, the number of corona patients is increasing, ‘said State Revenue Minister Balasaheb Thorat.

“Given the growing crowds, the possibility of a second wave of corona cannot be ruled out,” Thorat said. Appealing to the people about Corona, Thorat said, “For the last nine months, there has been a great crisis of Corona on the entire human race. The Mahavikas Aghadi government has done a good job to prevent corona in Maharashtra and the citizens have also given great support. However, after the relaxation of the lockdown and the rush for shopping during Diwali, it is worrying. The Corona crisis is not over yet and everyone should take care of themselves and their families, ‘he said.

“After that incident, the governor may not be doing anything this morning.”

‘The number of corona patients is increasing due to the crowds and increasing cold during the festive season. The second wave of the corona has hit European nations. Many countries have been locked down again. Corona is also a major concern in Delhi, India. Therefore, it is very important for the citizens to follow the rules given by the government. The health survey conducted by the Mahavikas Aghadi government under the scheme ‘My Family, My Responsibility’ has brought some relief from Corona in Maharashtra. However, given the growing crowd during Diwali, the possibility of a second wave of corona cannot be ruled out. Therefore, avoid going out of the house without any reason, do not crowd anywhere, do household chores at least in attendance, if there are any symptoms, check immediately at the nearest medical hospital, ‘Thorat also appealed.

‘We never called Fadnavis’ watermelon ”


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