Babita will be Fogat mother, special photo shared on husband’s birthday


Hindustan’s riot girl Babita Fogat will soon have a new guest at her house. Babita is pregnant and she shared the news of her pregnancy on social media. Babita also shared photos with her husband Baby Bum.

Babita, who won a gold medal in the Commonwealth Games, was married to Vivek Suhag last year. Vivek Hade is also a wrestler and has won the book Bharat Kesari. He is currently working in Indian Railways. Babita and Vivek have known each other for six years. The two met at the Taj Hotel in Delhi. They then fell in love with each other. They shared ideas about their relationship with their families. The couple’s family then arranged their marriage in June.

In December, Babita and Vivek got married in Balali, Haryana. The marriage was solemnized in a traditional manner and very simply. Only 21 brides were present at the wedding. What is special is that at other times seven rounds are taken in marriage, but here the two of them took eight rounds and while taking the eighth round, they gave the message of Beti Bachao-Beti Padao The wedding was private.


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