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‘ST employees should not take drastic steps like suicide. We will find a way out of the temporary crisis. But don’t take such extreme steps out of sadness. ‘

Mumbai, November 09: The suicide of a Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation employee has caused a stir in the state. Finally, the corporation will immediately pay ST employees one month’s salary and Diwali advance today, announced Transport Minister Anil Parab himself.

Anil Parab told a press conference in Mumbai that ST employees would be paid a month’s salary before Diwali. The amount will be credited to the account of ST employees within the next hour. The remaining arrears will be credited to the employees ‘accounts soon, for which the process of borrowing is underway,’ Parab said.

Carrier positive with 16 drivers in Lalpari, ST depot in Corona

‘ST employees should not take drastic steps like suicide. We will find a way out of the temporary crisis. But no one should take such an extreme step out of sadness. Your decision hurts the family. The family is on the road, so please don’t take such a step ‘, Parab also appealed to all the employees.

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‘ST Corporation is currently in financial difficulties. The bank has also asked for a loan to get out of this crisis. Everything will happen in stages. The state government has also been asked for money. Talks have been held with Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar. Now no amount is exhausted for ST. A proposal has been made to the state government and the employees should be paid for at least a few days’, demanded Parab.

ST conductor commits suicide in Jalgaon

The issue of salaries of ST board employees has become serious since the time of Corona. Many have not been paid for four months and their financial situation has deteriorated. Manoj Chaudhary, a resident of Raipur Kusumba village in Jalgaon district and working as a carrier in S Mandal, has committed suicide by hanging himself at his residence.

For the last few months, ST workers have not been paid and there has been a time of starvation for ST carriers and drivers. Manoj Chaudhary was in debt for the last three or four months due to non-receipt of salary in ST Corporation. Mayat Manoj Chaudhary’s father has informed that he committed suicide due to that depression.

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First published:November 9, 2020, 4:27 PM IS



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