america news: US agitated over China’s move on Hong Kong, warns of sanctions – america agitated over china action on hong kong, warns of sanctions


The US on Thursday warned of further sanctions against China over the Hong Kong issue, stating that Hong Kong’s autonomy was violated after the exclusion of four pro-democracy lawmakers. US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said China’s latest domination in Hong Kong shows that one country arranges for the two systems to “dictate” the amount of territory.

The US White House has warned of further Chinese sanctions on Hong Kong’s footsteps, according to news agency AFP.

US National Security Advisor Robert O’Brien said Beijing’s recent actions disqualified pro-democracy legislators of the Legislative Council of Hong Kong, with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) violating its international commitments. He said that the United States would continue to identify and approve those responsible for ending Hong Kong’s independence.

Let us tell that the US has restricted the Chinese authorities for their role in implementing the National Security Act in Hong Kong, because the US sees this law as very strongly suppressing the freedom of expression and the politics of opposition. This law was passed in June. The United States has previously banned many officials.


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