48 days later, diesel-petrol fire in Chhath



  • Petrol-diesel fire today, after remaining quiet for 48 consecutive days in domestic market
  • Demand still not improving in international crude oil market
  • Petrol becomes costlier by 17 paise in Delhi today
  • Diesel also becomes costlier by 22 paise per liter in Delhi

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According to data released recently by the American Petroleum Institute (API), there was 4.174 million barrels of crude oil inventory in the week ended November 13. Along with this, the oil producing countries’ organization OPEC + has indicated an increase in production after the claim of Covid-19 vaccine (Covid-19 Vaccine) was discovered. This has softened the crude oil market. In contrast, in the domestic market, after 48 days, the petrol-diesel price caught fire today. Government oil companies today increased petrol by 17 paise per liter in Delhi, while diesel also increased by 22 paise per liter. In Noida, petrol has become costlier by 25 paise and diesel by 23 paise per liter. On Friday, petrol in Delhi reached Rs 70.68 per liter while diesel was priced at Rs 81.23.

Before this, petrol was expensive on September 1
Since the beginning of the second fortnight of August, the fire started in the petrol price, which continued till September 1. Talking about Delhi, petrol was expensive by 1.65 paise per liter in the last 13 installments. After remaining stable for a few days after that, after September 10, it had a short-term stance and it has decreased by Rs 1.19 last month.

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Earlier, diesel was expensive in Delhi on 25 July
Diesel became expensive for the last time on 25 July in Delhi. After that on July 31, Delhi government reduced VAT on it, then it was cheaper by Rs 8.38 per liter. Then from August 3 onwards, its price was either cut or it remained stable. This has made diesel 3.10 per liter more cheaper.

Let’s know what is the price of petrol and diesel in your city today

name of the city Petrol Rs / L Diesel Rs / L
Delhi 81.23 70.68
Mumbai 87.92 77.11
Chennai 84.31 76.17
Kolkata 82.79 74.24
Noida 81.75 71.23
Ranchi 80.88 74.83
Bengaluru 83.97 74.91
Patna 83.87 76.30
Chandigarh 78.19 70.43
Lucknow 81.63 71.13

Source (IOC SMS)

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Softening in the crude oil market
According to data released by the American Petroleum Institute in the past week, there was 4.174 million barrels of inventory in the week ended November 13. Along with this, the oil producing countries’ organization OPEC + has indicated an increase in production after the claim of Kovid-19 vaccine was discovered. Due to this, the crude oil market saw a softening. Even in Singapore today, the price of WTI Crude was moderate in the beginning of business. It was down $ 0.09 to $ 41.65 per barrel. The price of Brent Crude also decreased by $ 0.14 per barrel. At that time its price was $ 44.20 per barrel.

Know today’s expressions in your city
Petrol-Diesel prices change daily and are updated at 6 am. You can also know the daily rate of petrol and diesel through SMS (How to check diesel petrol price daily). Indian Oil customers can get information by sending the code of RSP Space Petrol Pump to 9292992249 and BPCL consumers can send information to 9223112222 by writing RSP. At the same time, HPCL consumers can know the price by writing to HPPrice and sending it to number 9222201122.


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