1759 patients have died in november so far due to corona on delhi


Facing the third wave of corona virus, the death rate from this epidemic in Delhi is 1.58 percent whereas the rate in the country is 1.48 percent. Experts have attributed the large number of serious non-resident patients, adverse weather, pollution etc. to the city for treatment for more cases of deaths from Kovid-19 in the national capital. In the month of November itself, 1759 people have died due to this epidemic in the national capital till 21 November. This is about 83 deaths per day. The death toll has reached more than 100 times in the last 10 days.

Officials said 111 patients died on Saturday, 118 on Friday, 131 on Wednesday and 104 on 12 November. According to government figures, the average death rate in Delhi is 1.58 percent, which is higher than the national death rate of 1.48 percent. Managing Director of Rajiv Gandhi Super Specialty Hospital, Dr. BL Sherwal said that overall, more deaths occur in winter. This is a big difference, which we have also seen in the case of death from Kovid-19.

‘Corona virus has also spread among the elderly’

He said that 70 percent of those who died due to corona virus were elderly or suffering from serious diseases. Dr. Sherwal said that most of the youth were getting infected before the lockdown was lifted. Due to the relaxation of the restrictions and during the festival season, the virus has spread rapidly among the elderly. NK Ganguly, former director general of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), said that the death toll figures are being collected better than in the initial months. Recently, Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain also said that the death rate of Kovid-19 in the national capital is slightly higher than the national average.


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