‘Yes, I am a dog because’; Jyotiraditya Shinde’s reply to Kamal Nath


Bhopal | “I am a dog,” said Kamal Nath. Yes, Kamal Nath should listen. “I am a dog because my owner is my people, whom I serve,” BJP leader Jyotiraditya Shinde replied to Kamal Nath.

Kamalnath I am a dog because dogs protect their owner. Yes Kamalnath I am a dog, because if any person points a finger at my boss, the boss will show a policy that corruption will hurt him. So these dogs will not survive without biting the person, said Jyotiraditya Shinde.

I am a dog. “I am proud to be the dog of my people,” said Jyotiraditya Shinde.

Meanwhile, the Election Commission has removed Kamal Nath’s name from the list of leading campaigners in view of his controversial statements.

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