Why are those who are asking for answers to Maharashtra silent today? Raj Thackeray’s question on Hathras incident


While reacting that the incident in Hathras in Uttar Pradesh is depressing, why are those who are shouting in a loud voice by declaring themselves the voice of the country no matter what happens in Maharashtra silent today? This question was asked by MNS president Raj Thackeray today.

Raj Thackeray has reacted to the incident on social media. If anyone is going to visit the victim’s family, why are they being stopped? Why are they pushed? What exactly is the government afraid of? That is what Raj Thackeray has asked. He has also questioned the media. Why don’t all the media attack the Uttar Pradesh government and ask them for answers? That is what he has said. The incident in Hathras is brutal. Against such tendencies, Raj Thackeray has said that the central government must bring to justice any administration that violates them.


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