While doing yoga on the elephant, Ramdev Baba fell at the elephant’s feet and … VIDEO VIRAL | Viral


Ramdev Baba was teaching yoga sitting on an elephant and suddenly …

Mathura, October 13: A video of yoga guru Ramdev Baba falling down while practicing yoga on an elephant has gone viral. He was not injured in the crash, but a video has gone viral. The video is said to be from Monday. Baba Ramdev was teaching yoga to saints at Ramanareti in Mathura. Guru Sharanand Maharaj also did yoga on the stage.

Meanwhile, sitting on an elephant, Baba Ramdev was teaching yoga asanas. His video went viral on Tuesday. This video is about 22 seconds long. In which Baba is sitting on an elephant and doing yoga asana. But suddenly the elephant starts moving. So Ramdev Baba lost his balance and he fell down. But fortunately they were not hurt. But after he fell, the sound of laughter can be heard from the video.

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In this program, Baba Ramdev informed the saints about the benefits of these seats. At this time he was informed about Anulom-Vilom and other yogas. At this time, Baba Ramdev said that by doing yoga, the most difficult diseases disappear. People should do yoga every morning or evening. Sharanand Maharaj said that people have been doing yoga in India since ancient times.

Published by:Meenal Gangurde

First published:October 13, 2020, 7:55 PM IS


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