What a brother! Hyderabad-Kolkata match referee male or female ?, know


The David Warner-led Sunrisers Hyderabad and ON Morgan-led Kolkata Knight Riders met at the Sheikh Zayed Stadium in Abu Dhabi on Sunday (October 18). Both the teams played their 35th match of the 13th IPL season. But during the match, more than one player, the umpire caught everyone’s attention.

Indian umpires Sundaram Ravi and West Girish Pathak were the umpires in the match. Pathak, meanwhile, appeared to be in a ‘rockstar’ style look with long hair. In fact, Pathak has long loved to have long hair.

But after looking at her, many fans thought she was a female referee. So confused fans have started asking on Twitter exactly whether they are men or women. So they are currently in trend on Twitter.

Readers who have come into the limelight because of their rockstar look have been the subject of discussion before. He came on the field wearing a nice helmet in a match of the 2015 Vijay Hazare Trophy. He became the first Indian umpire to wear a helmet during a match. Speaking about it, he said that he was wearing a helmet for safety.


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