uttar pradesh balliya bjp leader shot dead man in front of sdm co flee from spot – Ballia: BJP leader’s bullying! Shot in the chest of a young man in front of SDM, CO


A case of bullying of an alleged local BJP leader has come to light in Ballia in Uttar Pradesh, in which the BJP leader shot and killed a youth in front of the SDM and CO. Not only this, the accused had escaped from the spot after shooting the young man, but now news is coming that the accused has been caught. A video of this incident has also surfaced. In which open firing is seen.

According to the news, the incident is from Durjanpur village of Revati police station in Ballia. Where local BJP worker Dhirendra Singh is accused of shooting Jayaprakash Pal. Actually there was a dispute over the allocation of two quota shops of Durjanpur and Hanumanganj, which turned into a massacre. A meeting was going on in Panchayat Bhawan regarding the allocation of shops, in which SDM Bairia Suresh Pal, CO Barya Chandrakesh Singh, BDO Bairia Gajendra Pratap Singh as well as the police force of Revathi police station were also present on the spot.

There was no consensus about two shops in Durjanpur. There was a dispute between the two sides and the two sides clashed. Meanwhile, Jayaprakash of the other side was shot from one side. There was chaos at the spot as soon as the bullets were fired. People hurriedly reached Jayaprakash at CHC Sonbarsa, where doctors declared Jayaprakash dead.

At the same time, there is an atmosphere of panic and tension in the area due to this murder in front of the administrative officials. In view of the tension, a large number of police forces have been deployed in the area. Police is currently on the lookout for the accused.

At the same time, political rhetoric has started on this issue. The Congress and Samajwadi Party have targeted the Yogi government of UP over this incident. Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala has said that ‘BJP workers in Uttar Pradesh have a license for hooliganism. When the ruler is the culprit, the law is the slave of the goons, then trampling the constitution becomes Rajdharma. ‘

Ballia’s BJP district president Jaiprakash Shah says that accused Dhirendra Singh is not in any position in the BJP but according to Dhirendra Singh’s Facebook account, he has been associated with politics since 2011 and calls himself a BJP worker. At the same time, CM Yogi Adityanath has taken strict action on the incident and directed strict action against the culprits. Also, the CM has ordered immediate suspension of the SDM, CO and other policemen.

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