US Senator said India US relationship will send a strong message to opponents like China


Washington, PTI The Republican senator praised the Trump administration’s efforts to strengthen strategic ties with India during the recently concluded 2 + 2 ministerial talks, saying that strengthening the bond between the two countries would be opposed by opponents such as China and Russia. ‘Will send a clear message. During the third edition of the India-US 2 + 2 Dialogue in New Delhi on Tuesday, the two countries showed commitment to enhance their overall security ties and signed a total of five treaties, including the Strategic Basic Exchange and Cooperation Agreement (BECA). The agreement will enable India to access critical data and topographic photographs from US military satellites on a real-time basis.

Other agreements will facilitate cooperation in the fields of nuclear power, earth science and Ayurveda. The talks were led by Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and Foreign Minister S Jaishankar from the Indian side and US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Defense Secretary Mark T from the US side.

Senator Kevin Kramer said, ‘Strengthening relations between the United States and India makes our two countries safe and sends a clear message to opponents such as China and Russia. I am encouraged by Trump’s foreign policy team working to strengthen the strategic partnership. ‘ In recent months, relations between China and the US have deteriorated on a number of issues, including the Corona virus epidemic, trade, Beijing’s growing grip on Hong Kong and alleged human rights abuses against minorities in Xinjiang province.

At the same time, India and China are face to face in the border deadlock in East Ladakh in early May, which has made bilateral relations quite tense. Kramer says a strong relationship with India also opens the door for further economic opportunities.

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