Uae Becomes First Nation To Do Covid 19 Test More Than Its Population


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made a significant achievement in the war with the Corona virus. This country has made a world record in the case of corona virus test. The UAE has conducted more corona tests than its population. The UAE has a population of about 99 lakhs, whereas since the onset of the Corona epidemic, there have been more than 14 million tests.

According to the Worldometer website, so far the corona virus 101,840 cases have been found in the UAE. Only 436 people have died due to this dangerous disease here. So far, 91,710 people have been cured of Corona virus in this Arab country, while 9,694 are still being treated. On Wednesday, 1046 new coron virus cases have been found in the UAE, while only one person has died.

Highest test in china

China has the highest 16 million corona virus tests. After this, America’s number comes. So far, 11 million tests have been done in this country most affected by Corona virus. After China-America, India is the place where more than 80 million tests have been conducted. In fourth place is Russia which has done a total of 50 million tests.

Record increase in corona cases in the world

The graph of corona virus in the world has climbed once again. For the first time in the world, 3.42 lakh corona cases a day and 5882 patients lost their lives. Earlier, on October 2, the maximum number of cases in one day was 3.26 lakh. In the last 24 hours, after India and America, Brazil, France, Argentina, England, Russia and Colombia have reported the most corona cases. At the same time, the most death has occurred in India. In the case of the most affected countries, India comes second.

According to the WorldMeter, 36 million people have been infected with corona so far. Out of this, 10 lakh 59 thousand (2.92%) people have lost their lives, while over 2 crore 74 lakh (75%) patients have been cured. There are more than 79 lakh active cases in the whole world, that is, so many people are currently being treated in hospital.

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