Trivendra Singh rawat CBI inquiry: order of CBI inquiry in corruption case against CM Trivendra, Supreme court will go against HC verdict BJP – bjp to appeal in supreme court against cbi inquiry order on trivendra singh rawat


Preparations have been started to challenge the order of CBI inquiry against Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Singh Rawat in the Supreme Court. BJP has decided to file an appeal in the Supreme Court in this regard. Party state president Banshidhar Bhagat, while speaking to the media on Wednesday, said that his party respects the court’s decision. However, an appeal will be made against this in the Supreme Court. Bhagat also said that no one can prove the allegations of corruption leveled against the Chief Minister.

Earlier, the High Court handed over the investigation of corruption charges against Trivendra Singh Rawat to the CBI. The court has filed an FIR asking the CBI to investigate allegations of corruption against CM Trivendra Singh Rawat. The High Court gave this order while canceling the FIR lodged against journalist Umesh Sharma for spoiling the image of Chief Minister Trivendra Singh Rawat. While ordering the cancellation of the FIR lodged against Sharma at a police station in Dehradun, a single bench of Justice Ravindra Maithani also said that all documents in the case be submitted to the court.

Cancellation of FIR lodged against journalist ordered to investigate the allegations
The order came on the plea of ​​Umesh Sharma in which he requested the court to quash the FIR lodged in Dehradun. It was said in the FIR that the journalist through social media dragged the name of Chief Minister Rawat into money transactions and tarnished his image.

The court said, the truth is in the interest of the state

The court accepted the journalist’s plea that the allegations against the chief minister were serious. It is necessary to investigate them and reveal the truth. It will be in the interest of the state to eliminate all doubts. Therefore, the court believes that the CBI should register an FIR in the case and investigate the entire case.


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