Trend on Twitter became ‘e ba in Bihar’, people started raising questions on Nitish government, Tejaswi also targeted


In the Bihar Assembly elections, various parties are trying to show their own strength. In such a situation, publicity work is also in full swing. Bihar BJP has attacked the opposition parties by making a video song. Titled E Ba in Bihar (it is in Bihar), this video highlights the achievements of the NDA alliance. From minister to leader and activist to supporter are tweeting this video with this # Bihar_Me_E_ba. At the same time, these claims of BJP are also being questioned. # Bihar_Me_E_ba is trending on Twitter amid claims of pro-opposition.

Questions from both Nitish and Tejashwi

The Twitter handle @ishika_bharad has attacked both the chief ministerial candidate and RJD leader Tejashwi Yadav and current CM Nitish Kumar on behalf of the grand alliance. He wrote, ‘Bihar has no choice but to choose one of the two options. Both of them have not been able to give better leadership to the state … One has failed as a 9th Fail Bihar CM candidate, while the other has done nothing despite being in power for 15 years.

Nitish government claims open
At the same time, the Twitter handle @ cursedcreature8 has raised a lot of interesting questions on the BJP’s claims. He said, “If there is enough development in Bihar, then why do the people here have to move to other states in search of work and why do they have to face the fate of migration?”

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Shutdown of industry
One wrote, ‘Sugar mill or silk city Bhagalpur or bread factories, most of the factories are closed and he says that people of Bihar are happy to migrate from here. When someone says that they will give 10 lakh jobs, they attack him instead of realizing their mistake.

Confidence raised with the assurance of leaders

The Twitter handle @ Prateek79077318 seems disappointed with all the leaders of Bihar. He wrote, ‘These leaders cannot do anything except lie. They all rule Bihar, but they do nothing. Today, Tejashwi is talking about giving 1 million jobs. Is it possible Nitish and Modi talked of industrialization. What did he do in Bihar in 15 years?

Voting for Bihar Assembly elections in three phases
At the same time, many people have also tweeted in support of the current NDA government of Bihar. They are citing examples of the crime in Bihar, not a single farmer committing suicide. Significantly, Bihar is to be voted in three phases on October 28, November 3 and November 7. The results of the state assembly elections will come on 10 November.

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