Traditional clay lamps are the most unique


Jagran Correspondent, Outer Delhi: Even though many things have changed in this era of modernity, earthen lamps still smell on auspicious occasion. The earthen artisans are also engaged in making clay lamps for the upcoming festivals and Deepotsavas, while discharging the age-old tradition. Even in this era of modernity, the demand for clay lamps has not diminished. In the Corona era, the artisans associated with them had to take the trouble, but they are again fulfilling this work of the ancestors with hard work and dedication with a new hope. Artisan Balbir Singh, who makes pottery and toys in Sultanpuri, said that every year, before the Karwa-Chauth and Diwali, the work of making the earthen pot, Karwa, starts. This time it is the same but the demand is less. He told that the earthen lamp is in demand every year because it is needed in every festival, from the method of worship. Because it is considered auspicious and it is unique. It will be good if you will get the price:

Regarding the economic loss, the artisans say that due to the closure of work due to Corona, they could not make toys and suffered losses. Still, he does not want to get away from his traditional profession. In Sultanpuri, the family of Bhagyavati Devi, who has been making clay and making utensils for years, is also working under this thinking. He told that after making the lamps, the whole family is busy in the work of drying and cooking it. The elderly, children and young people all contribute to this work. Saroj Kumar, a young artisan from Jahangirpuri, says that he makes idols of Ganesh-Lakshmi for Diwali. According to him, if there are attractive sculptures, then customers will buy them. They are hopeful that this time the festival of Diwali will earn a good income and the family will spend.

According to artisan Balbir, when lamps, idols are sold in Karva Chauth and Deepavali festival, the lamp of happiness burns in the house. Our whole year budget depends on this festival. The idols were sold well last year. This time, due to the corona, the work is stagnant but it is expected that the festival will earn so much that the work will go on.

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