This is how successful treatment was done for a patient with leukemia


Mumbai : A 39-year-old man from Mumbai with leukemia has been treated with a bone marrow transplant. The family was worried about being diagnosed with cancer in the lockdown. But at the Global Hospital in Parel, the patient has been successfully treated for cancer with a bone marrow transplant.

Shrikant Mahadik, 39, a software engineer by profession, had been suffering from fever and weakness for the past few months. As his condition worsened, his family rushed him to the Global Hospital in Parel. He was diagnosed with leukemia after a medical examination at the site, and a quick bone marrow transplant was the only option left. Under the guidance of Abhay Bhave, a team of other doctors performed this successful transplant and gave life to the patient.

A patient with leukemia has a decrease in blood flow to the body. The number of platelets decreases rapidly and the bones become weak. In such cases bone marrow transplantation can be very beneficial. This has recently come to the notice of the family of Mahadik, a Mumbaikar.

In February, the patient was diagnosed with leukemia. After the patient arrived for treatment, he was given chemotherapy. But many hospitals were closed due to Corona patients due to the lockdown in March. As a result, the surgery was delayed, said Dr. Bone Marrow Transplant Physician. Presented by Srinath Kshirsagar.

In this disease, the cancer cells attack the blood cells in the body. This causes a decrease in white blood cells in the body. In such cases, the immune system is weakened and infectious diseases like cold, fever and pneumonia occur. This patient was also infected with Kovid-19. This had added to the family’s anxiety. But, after two weeks of proper treatment, he overcame Corona, said Dr Kshirsagar.

As his condition worsened in July, doctors decided to perform a bone marrow transplant to save the patient’s life. In certain diseases of the blood the patient has to undergo a bone marrow transplant. It is a transplant of stem cells into the blood. Accordingly, the patient’s brother underwent bone marrow transplant surgery. He said the patient was now in good health and had been discharged home.

When I found out I had leukemia, I was worried about what would happen to my family. But, due to the efforts of the doctor, I got a new life, said patient Srikant Mahadik.

While taking drastic measures to prevent the virus, we are striving to ensure that even non-covid patients receive safe treatment. Doctors found it possible to save a patient’s life by finding a bone marrow donor during the lockdown. Vivek Tailalikar said.


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