The WHO backed four countries, including China, for corona control


Corona has spread around the world and many countries in the United States, Russia and Europe have failed to prevent or control corona infections. Also now some countries in Europe have had another wave of corona. The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed concern. However, some countries in South Asia have made good efforts to control the corona. The United States, Europe and Russia have much to learn from these Asian countries, the WHO said.

The patient needs to be quarantined after coronary infection. The focus is on countries in Asia gaining control of the corona, said Mike Ryan, the WHO’s head of emergency medicine. On Tuesday, he informed about the situation regarding Corona. China, Japan, South Korea and Australia have all made significant strides in controlling the corona, he said.

The number of coronaviruses has been rising in the last few days in many European countries, including the United States and Russia. Corona killed 8,500 people in Europe last week. The number of patients has doubled during the same period. The WHO said the figures were “worrying”. The United States, Russia and Europe have a lot to learn about corona control from these Asian countries, Ryan said. He said the four countries had significantly reduced the risk of corona infection by emphasizing testing, isolating and quarantine.

The citizens of this country showed faith in the government during this time of crisis. Strictly followed the instructions and lockdown issued by the government. They devised a rigorous plan to control the corona and strictly enforced it. The people of this country also actively supported the government. In these countries, the instructions were followed even after the lockdown. Awareness was spread among the people about masks, social distance, sanitizer. This has reduced the risk of corona infection in these countries, Ryan said.

The Corona epidemic also hit these countries. This country recovered from that. They have since begun work on security and protection against infection. They are aware that the Corona crisis is not over yet and they are taking proper care of security. They are also out of the house for essentials. Given the Corona crisis, they have made lifestyle changes. That is why these countries have succeeded, he said.

More than 4 million people worldwide are infected with the corona. Also, more than 11 lakh corona sufferers have died. The world is tired of dealing with Corona. However, we have to be careful. The world needs to learn from the countries that have succeeded in controlling the corona. We will have to continue this fight until Corona is banished. Ryan said the fight needs to be fought together, learning from each other and improving.


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