The victim’s family reached his home late at night; Father said – everyone was talking in English, he could not understand anything, but DM sahib got scolded. | On hearing in the High Court, the girl’s father said – Everyone had spoken in English, so understand that DM Sahib is scolded.


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  • The Victim’s Family Reached His Home Late At Night; Father Said Everyone Was Talking In English, He Could Not Understand Anything, But DM Sahib Got Scolded.

HathrasOne hour ago

After hearing in the High Court on Monday, the victim’s family reached Hathras late at night. Strong security arrangements were made during this period.

The CBI team reached Hathras on Tuesday morning. The team went straight to the chance. Victim’s brother was also taken there to investigate the crime scene. Meanwhile, the victim’s family returned to Hathras from Lucknow on Monday night. Meanwhile, the CBI team reached Bulgadhi village in Hathras on Tuesday to inspect.

Mediamen surrounded the family as soon as they reached home. The victim’s father told in conversation that “everybody had spoken in English in the High Court. You don’t understand much, but I understand that DM Sahib is scolded. “The family once again said clearly that till we get justice, the girls’ bones are not immersed. Will go.

CBI team at the scene in Hathras.

Hearing held for an hour in the High Court
According to the victim’s father, “Hamai is his own problem, as much as his brother did in Boi.” Do not let us see your daughter’s body. DM Saab was speaking that after talking to these Logans with approval. Did the administration suspect a riot when the body was burnt in the morning? On this, the father says that yes, speak like that in the court. What did the court say? He said that he was talking in English… We did not understand. Hearing was close… half an hour and a half. We all spoke in court. Told all the things. Did the court consider the administration’s mistake in the Hathras case? On this, the father says that yes, believe it or not. On rebuke the DM said yes, it was done. I spoke in English. On the question of trusting the CBI investigation, we said that we did not say anything in the court… If we get justice, the CBI is full. On immersion of the bones, they said that they will not do it now, they will not do it until justice is found. We could not even talk more to the Hamai lawyer (Seema Kushwaha). ”

I will not immerse the bones until I get justice
The victim’s brother also spoke in the court room. Regarding the CBI investigation, the brother said- Whatever may happen, but justice be given. I will not immerse my sister’s bones until justice is granted.

One soldier was with every member of the family
SDM Anjali Gangwar said that we had kept enough biscuits, chips and water in the trains in the morning, due to which we did not have to stop on the way. When we reached Lucknow, the family also had lunch at Uttarakhand Bhavan. After this, after the completion of the hearing in the High Court, we left for Hathras. Keeping in mind the safety of the family, we had a soldier with every member. Officers of escort and inspector rank were also involved.

What is the whole matter?
On September 14 in Hathras, 4 people had allegedly gang-raped a 19-year-old girl. It is also alleged that he broke his backbone and also cut his tongue. The victim died on 29 September while undergoing treatment in Delhi. All the four accused have been arrested. However, the police claim that the rape did not take place.

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