The thief stole the truck from the police station and confiscated it


In Nagpur, a thief challenged the Chukka police and stole a truck confiscated in front of the police station. The incident has caused a stir in the city.

According to the information received, a. K. The stolen truck loaded with steel bars was seized by the crime branch police. A thief named Sanjay Dhone was also arrested. The truck was handed over to Lakdaganj police along with the accused as the action took place within the limits of Lakdaganj police. Lakdaganj police produced the thief in court and he was released on bail. He challenged Lakdaganj police and drove past the police station. Lakdaganj police are on high alert as the case came to light while the Home Minister was in the village.

The theft of the truck has been filmed on CCTV. When contacted, Thanedar Narendra Hiware said that the truck was parked outside the police station on the side of the old police station. Road work is underway in front of Lakdaganj police station. So the truck was standing outside. The thief stole the truck between 5.30am and 5.45am. Older trucks start easily with bigger nails, Hiware said. Hiware said the team was sent in different directions to catch the thief.


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