The script was already explained to Munger for 26 October in Munger, then how did the ruckus happen … know the truth of that black night


A young man Anurag was killed in police firing on the night of 26 October in Munger. After the CISF report on the death in the police firing (Violence in Munger), there is no doubt and suspicion. But how did Munger suddenly go to the mouth of gunpowder? Why the city got burnt on the third day. Its Inside Story is going to tell you today

Inside story of Munger shootout
At 10 pm on 26 October, 19-year-old Anurag Kumar Poddar, a resident of Lohapatti Bekapur in Munger, went out to watch the immersion by telling his family members at 10 pm. Anurag was neither part of the crowd of devotees carrying the idol nor any anti-social elements. There was no criminal case on him. That simple youngster was a graduate student. In the firing, Anurag was shot directly on the head and died on the spot. But the question is, how did everything happen?

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There has been a tradition in Munger district for centuries that no other idol can be immersed until the immersion of the great goddess here. At the same time, apart from the devotees and priests to the elder mother, no one can even touch it. The idol of Deendayal Chowk Devi Maa was stopped around 10 pm on 26 October. Police insisted here that people leave the idol and the police personnel would immerse it. But the devotees refused, citing centuries-old faith. After this, the devotees clashed with the police. Stoning started from the crowd first and thereafter. After that the police further aggravated the case. Sticks were first fired and then fired.

Munger Firing: Crowd mob burnt police station and outpost in Munger, order to immediately remove DM and SP Lipi Singh

The enlightened people had already explained SP Lipi Singh- Sutra
Sources reveal that the SP Lippi Singh was tried by the enlightened people of the area on the morning of the incident not to force too much for immersion. Earlier, several rounds of police-public meetings were held. According to sources Lippi Singh was not willing to listen to anyone but herself on this matter. She was adamant on getting the idol immersed at the earliest by citing law and order in the election. What happened is not hidden from anyone, although the command of the district was taken away after the Election Commission order from Lipi Singh.
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Munger Firing: Chirag Paswan said – If there was no election in Bihar, then Nitish Kumar would have awarded Munger DM – SP

Lippi Singh has been removed by the Election Commission
Lipi Singh was also involved in controversies in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Then Neelam Devi, the wife of Independent MLA Anant Singh, who was contesting the Lok Sabha elections from Munger, accused Lippi Singh of deliberately implicating her supporters in a legal quarrel. Even then, after seeing Neelam Devi’s petition, Lipi Singh was transferred from the flood on the instructions of the Election Commission. But once the elections were over, he was again given a posting in the flood, which is not usually done. But this time what happened in Munger is not a political matter but a public movement. So the issue has become very serious.


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