The school will open from October 15, the guidelines of the Union Ministry of Education


Unlock-5.0 has been launched across the country and schools will be open from October 15. The Ministry of Education has issued guidelines in this regard. However, the final decision on opening the school will rest with the state government and the Union Territory.

Corona infection is not over in the country. Therefore, the responsibility for the health and safety of the students will be borne by the respective schools and state governments. The standard operating procedure (SOP) is to be decided by the states.

What are the guidelines
Schools should be started in stages. Initially there will be classes IX to XII.
Students can come to school only with the written permission of the parents.
Students are not required to attend school every day. Emphasis on online learning.
The student needs a distance of six feet. The force of the mask. Sanitizer required at school.
Students should not be given homework for two-three weeks.


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