The report on the ‘that’ accident that killed 38 people was a big revelation News


The report also said that the Jilani building was constructed illegally.

Bhiwandi, October 10: The report of the inquiry committee has revealed that the owner, occupant and concerned officials of the municipality are guilty in the Jilani building accident at Patel compound in Bhiwandi city. The report was submitted by Municipal Commissioner Dr. Pankaj was introduced to Asia.

The report also said that the Jilani building was constructed illegally. The owners and occupants were responsible for keeping the building in good condition, but they did not. The report also mentions negligence on the part of municipal officials.

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Dangerous, high-risk buildings were to be classified as C1 and C2 in March and April as per government directives. However, Shahnisha municipal officials did not do so. Authorities also did not classify the building as C1 and C2. The report clarified that no letter was issued to the police administration to decommission the building after Jilani declared the building dangerous. Therefore, in the report submitted by the inquiry committee, it has become clear that besides the building owners, the occupants and the concerned officials of the corporation are also guilty. The inquiry committee has also submitted regulations to the administration for dangerous buildings to prevent such accidents in future.

Meanwhile, the building collapsed at around 3 am on September 21, killing 38 people and injuring 25 others. Municipal Commissioner Dr. Pankaj Asia, who was responsible for the accident, had suspended the ward officer and junior engineer and appointed a committee under the chairmanship of Additional Commissioner Omprakash Divate to get detailed information about the accident.

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No construction permission was given.

In this inquiry committee, Deputy Commissioner Dr. Deepak Sawant, City Engineer Laxman Gaikwad, Assistant Director Town Planning Pralhad Hoge Patil. It is clarified that this building was constructed in 1975 when the Gram Panchayat was in existence. However, the committee also said that no building permit has been issued for the building.

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First published:October 10, 2020 at 3:09 PM IS


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