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MUMBAI: The retirement age of state government employees and officers should be kept at 58 years, as recommended by the committee of retired chartered officers BC Khatua.
It’s a shock. The Federation of Gazetted Officers has demanded that the report given by the committee is very one-sided and should not be accepted by the government.

The Khatua Committee had reported two years ago; But he never came forward. The unions have been demanding that the report be made public. Yet the previous and present governments did not appreciate it. In the end, one person got the RTI report and it was revealed that the committee had recommended that the retirement age should be 58 years. Not only this, the current retirement age of Class D employees is 60 years, but the committee has also recommended to increase it to 58 years. But those who are quality employees and who want to work for 60 years; The committee also made a contradictory recommendation that they be given a chance. The committee has not recommended raising the retirement age to 60 years.

The report does not seem to have taken into account the role played by the staff-officers’ unions before the committee, the retirement age being 60 years in 23 states, and the benefits to the government of experienced employees by raising the retirement age. But at the same time, an enthusiastic Deputy Engineer of Water Resources Department working in Solapur district got to know the views of 4968 employees and citizens. The report of the committee has come up with a strange conclusion that most of the people were against raising the retirement age to 60. The unions have criticized the conclusion as ridiculous and baseless.

The report of the Khatua Committee is highly incomprehensible. It looks like a sack that encloses with a drawstring. The government should take care that no one gives such ineffective and irresponsible reports. – c. D. Kulthe, Leader, Federation of Gazetted Officers.

The recommendation of the Khatua Committee to increase the retirement age of Class D employees from 60 to 58 is very unjust. – Bhausaheb Pathan, President, Class IV Government Employees Central Union

The Khatua Committee has literally wiped the leaves from the mouths of the employees by giving an extremely clumsy, arbitrary report. – Vishwas Katkar, General Secretary, State Government Employees Central Union

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Web Title: The retirement age of government employees is 58, Recommend by B S Khatua Committee Report

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