The fight ended, Surekha Mahadik died while shaking hands with Corona Mumbai


Many in the police department mourned the loss of a conscientious colleague in the form of Surekha Mahadik.

Mumbai, October 12: Corona has put Thaman in the state. The number of coronary artery disease patients is increasing day by day. Surekha Mahadik of Mumbai Police has passed away while on duty in Corona. He has died of coronary heart disease.

Surekha Mahadik (Surekha Prashant Unavkar) was a woman officer working in Mumbai. Surekha Mahadik, a police constable who joined the Mumbai Police Force in 2001, was on duty at Special Branch-2 (SB-2). She was currently on duty at Mumbai Airport. Surekha Mahadik tested the corona for the last 8 days as she was suddenly in pain. Surekha Mahadik was admitted to Vaidya Hospital in Kalyan in Thane district after being diagnosed with Kovid-19. His condition worsened during treatment. He died on October 11 during treatment. She was 40 years old.

Due to his flamboyant personality, he had a special identity in the Mumbai Police Department. Many were shocked when the news of Surekha Mahadik’s death came. Many in the police department mourned the loss of a conscientious colleague in the form of Surekha Mahadik.

The number of coronary heart disease patients in the state is over 15 lakh

Meanwhile, 10,792 new corona patients were detected in the state till Sunday (October 11). As a result, the total number of patients in the state is 15,28,226. So 309 patients died. The death toll from Corona patients in the state has risen to 40,349. So 10 thousand 461 people defeated Corona.

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Analyzing the number of patients in the last 4 weeks, it is seen that the number of newly infected patients is decreasing every week. In the second week of September, 1 lakh 53 thousand 331 new patients were found. Their number is 92,246 in the first week of October. As a result, the number of patients has dropped by almost 40 per cent. Between September 10 and October 10, patient recovery improved from 70.72 per cent to 82.76 per cent.

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First published:October 12, 2020 1:52 PM IS


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