The drunkards of uniforms dodged a lot, watch video


Uniform drunk people spilled a lot of jams

A case of drinking alcohol has also been filed against the hotel owner Asif. Asif was arrested.

Aligarh A video of three Police Inspectors posted at the Gabhana police station in Aligarh district is going viral on video. In which the three are seen wearing liquor in a hotel in Khurja Nagar and drinking alcohol. After filtering the matter on social media, SSP Aligarh Muniraj ji brought the three officers to the line. At the same time, in Khurja Nagar Kotwali, a case has been filed against the hotel owner for sitting and drinking liquor.

Actually, Trio Daroga Jai ​​Kishan, Brahm Shankar and Sanjeev came to Bulbhasahar to investigate and raid in the case of an indictment lodged at the Gabhana station. On Friday night, when he was returning to Aligarh, the three men at the Al Samad Hotel drank and even ate food. During this, someone made his video. However, the doctor is saying in the video that he has not drunk alcohol. Have only eaten food. On Saturday, this video went viral on social media, then SSP Aligarh line up all three doctors. Also, the investigation of the case has been handed over to ASP Vikas Kumar.

As soon as this video went viral on social media and the police was seen getting murkier, SSP Aligarh Muniraj ji, after spotting all three, handed over the investigation to ASP Gabbhana Vikas Kumar. SP Crime Dr. Arvind Kumar gave detailed information on this matter. A lawsuit has been filed against the hotel owner Asif. Asif was arrested. However, on Saturday, he was granted bail from the police station.(Report- Ranjit Singh)


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