tamilnadu news: Tamilnadu: the family kept the freezer before dying, the body was resuscitated after 20 hours by such a elderly person – brohter kept body in freezer before death in tamilnadu



  • 73-year-old elderly man locked in freezer by his 70-year-old brother
  • The accused said that he thought he was going to die in two hours, so he stopped the freezer.
  • Elderly man kept in freezer for 20 hours, police arrived on information, hospitalized
  • Police filed a case against accused brother, ongoing questioning

A strange case has come to light in Salem, Tamil Nadu. Here a younger brother kept his elder brother in the house by keeping it in the freezer. Police reached the information and rescued the elder brother from the freezer. Considering that he was dead, the police was taking action when he was taken to hospital, where his condition is stable. The police have registered a case against the younger brother of the victim.

The case is of Kandhamapatti area. Suramangalam police said that Balasubramyam Kumar (73) worked in a private company. He retired 15 years ago. His wife Usha died two years ago. He had no children, so he came to live with his brother Shravanan (70).

Three people were at home
Police said that Shravanan did not marry. She lives with her sister’s two daughters Jayashree and Sudha. Two days ago, Sudha went to Coimbatore for treatment. He was admitted to a private hospital there. At home were Jayashree, Balasubramyam and Shravanan.

Freezer shut down after asking
As Balasubramyam was sleeping, Shravanan ordered him to have a freezer containing the corpse and put it inside him. The next day when the freezer arrived to take the freezer, he saw movement in the body. He informed the police. Police reached the spot and rescued Balasubramyam and admitted him to the hospital. Police has registered a case in this matter. Shravanan has not been arrested yet.

The family members said they thought they were going to die
Surprisingly, Shravanan and Jayashree said they thought Balasubramyam was about to die in two hours, police said, adding that he had ordered a freezer and locked it inside. Police said the elderly body remained locked in the freezer for 20 hours.


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